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Welcome to Structural Integration

About The Guide To Structural Integration


Hey there, curious minds!


Welcome to the enlightening journey of Structural Integration, where the mysteries of human anatomy and the art of holistic healing intertwine like old friends sharing stories around a campfire. 

Overall, Structural Integration aims to create a more harmonious relationship between the body's various parts, leading to better posture, enhanced flexibility, and increased overall well-being. 

But what is the origin of Structural Integration? How does one take a holistic approach to Structural Integration? And how has the practice of Structural Integration evolved over time?


Download our guide to delve into the heart of Structural Integration and uncover what makes it truly unique!

About the Authors
Kenneth Smith

Ken began his journey in the world of Structural Integration following a severe back injury during his service as a Paramedic in the US Air Force.


The transformation he experienced through Structural Integration, guided by a mentor who was both a Physical Therapist and a Rolf Structural Integrator, was profound and led him to dedicate over 24 years to mastering the field, blending clinical experience with education from leading experts.


Today, Ken owns and operates The FIX in Matthews, NC and is passionate about sharing his knowledge, helping others overcome physical limitations, and achieving a fulfilling career marked by  continuing to provide clients with pain free living.


About the Authors
David Phillips

David Phillips started on his path to Structural Integration training with certified teacher and best-selling author, Tom Myers.


David became ATSI certified in 2007, then achieved his bachelors in Alternative Medicine in 2011, and his masters in Kinesiology from A.T. Still University in 2014. He also received his athletic manual therapy certification after training with Dr. Toko Nguyen at the Institute of Athletic Regeneration from 2017-2019.


Outside of work he loves his wine & food, learning about the body, and of course his family and friends.

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